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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Honeyminer Now Available for MacOS!

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This past week, popular cryptocurrency miner application Honeyminer released their MacOS version. In July 2018, Honeyminer release their windows application, and it was a big hit. Honeyminer claims to be the “easiest-to-use miner available” with an overall mission “to band together to enhance our abilities and enable these new systems to be truly decentralized.” Honeyminer is an easy to install application that uses your computer processing power to mine Bitcoin. The set-up process is very simple, and I have attached some screenshots below of the install on my Mac laptop.

Above are two screenshots explaining the setup process, classic and simple drag and drop into Mac Applications, and I also included the tutorial screen of the application. On the tutorial screen, it explains the level system, the on/off function, as well as explaining the balance, credits, and recent activity. A very helpful feature of Honeyminer is the capability to see your estimated 24 hour sat production, so you can calculate your potential earnings.

On top of Honeyminer being a great and easy to use mining application, they also have a referral program, where anyone who uses your link will automatically get 1,000 satoshis for downloading. For any tier 1 referrals, you will receive 10% of Honeyminer’s share, and for any tier 2 referrals, you receive 5%. Honeyminer makes it easy to earn sats while you are sleeping, on vacation, away from your computer, or even while you use it.

Above is a screenshot of the user interface, an it is fairly easy to use. In order to withdraw the bitcoin you mine, you visit the Honeyminer website at to process the withdrawal. There is a small bitcoin network fee associated with the transaction per usual when sending bitcoin. As of right now, Honeyminer only offers bitcoin payouts.
In terms of bridging the gap of Bitcoin mining, Honeyminer is doing exactly that. By installing the user friendly application, it helps the average person understand the basics of cryptocurrency. The concept of mining while technically pretty simple, is hard to understand for the “everyday person.” Honeyminer makes it easy for the average consumer to download and mine bitcoin now on MacOS or Windows. My referral link is below if you want to download Honeyminer today!
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