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Monday, August 24, 2020

Dow Jones - My Prediction, My Game Plan and My Outlook to my Traders

It was another great night, impressive prediction but more importantly, the outlook and my game plan was once again spot on to Winston and my traders. Last evening at 7.15pm, after analyzing the market and studying the trends, I decided that the market would come down first and then it shall be good to look for long as I knew the market would rebound. I wanted them to finish the trades by the same night and indeed when I saw what happened this morning to the Dow Jones, it exactly acted accordingly to my prediction as the Dow trended all the way up and turned green the entire night. How I know? Because from the 5 minute chart, there were simply many great signals and in the 1 hr chart, it was even more obvious that the market would turned green and higher.

I had been trading and making prediction for 10 years and I would say my hit rate is pretty high and that's why I am able to coach, trade LIVE in front of a big mass and give forward prescient predictions to my traders on a day to day basis for them to make $$. When everyone, every analysts, every traders thought that the market is very high now and expect a market to crash, I otherwise turned bullish and making sure that my years of wisdom and experience of watching and trading the market gave me the conviction to tell my traders of my game plan and what I expect them to do. So far so good and market always listened to my predictions. Congrats on making $ and looking forward for more traders to join my team.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist


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