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Monday, August 17, 2020

ETHUSD 17 AUG 2020

ETHUSD 17 AUG 2020


Borrowing for the P. Faders Crypto method, I am using the 100 EMA . After reviewing the charts life span up until this point in addition to the 100 EMA method I find that RSI hits between 25-30 ( RSI @ 7) on high volume , in an uptrend correlates with accumulation.

Full credit here again to Faders method. They uses a 14/50 EMA with the 1 hour as a home base in FX. For digital he only uses a 100 EMA and volume with the 4 hour as a home base. He does also use LB coloured volume with supply/demand color inversion.. also borrowed and slightly modified for my eye.

Not part of the his method is RSI . Although not necessary I find it useful for alerts, divergences and general situational awareness. I have found RSI to be very powerful on the 15 minute especially in FX, when practicing supply/demand trading.

In crypto its serves as a powerful adjunct and alert system. Using the 4 hour you can very easily see the result when RSI breaks 25-30 on high volume .

PM if confused.

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