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Sunday, August 23, 2020

King of Kings Tezos 8.23.20

King of Kings Tezos 8.23.20


My same idea from a week or two ago.
You got another chance back at the retest of support. Hopefully you got your entry. Time to start buying the basics again. Tezos has huge news coming. Look for defi hatchling Dexter to come to Tezos. What is Dexter? It is the Uniswap of Tezos. Yes tezos has defi coming and this has been a long time in the making. Also Tezos has 007 Protocol on the way. What is 007 aka Bond? Well 007 allows Tezos to adapt the Sapling protocol. Here's an excerpt about ZK snarks and Tezos adoption.
"In a nutshell, zk-SNARK or, Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge, refers to a construction of a proof where one can prove possession of certain information (e.g. private key) without having to reveal that information to another party and have any interaction. These proofs allow two parties to prove that a statement between a prover and verifier is true — without revealing any other information beyond the validity of the statement itself."
Sounds huge huh? Well it is. Tezos may not have the adoption yet but by providing a private and low cost network i can guarantee that it will gain traction. Tezos is still my sleeper coin and even though i am done accumulating, I would highly suggest accumulating it whenever it goes on sale. Like right now. Oh ya Tezos was selected as one of the first batch of networks to go live on the China Blockchain Network. That in itself is incredible. Out of the thousands of networks it was one of 6
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