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Friday, August 14, 2020

LEND.BTC (Y20.P3.E3.v2).Gems in the making.No.2

LEND.BTC (Y20.P3.E3.v2).Gems in the making.No.2


Hi All,

*** This is a continuation of the previous post, or an update of the link below, Price Action explained ****
I constructed this chart prior to the drop . But the macro approach doesn't change.
The title is related to a few coins, Gems in the making will focus on specific coins that have demonstrated a clear parabolic curve pattern.
No. 1 goes to LINK. BTC , which I had a previous post with this as part of its title.

The vision:
I would like to build a team, a community maybe, limited no. where we work as a team on TA of the charts and we all benefit.
There is a criteria, you have to have the same values and mindset with the team. It won't be easy to build this team but why not start.
For now, its only a thought but if you interested let me know, and I can start planning the platform or forum to do this.
The vision, we work together going through the list of crypto, do quick summary of each and routinely review them together.
The criteria is that you know the basic fundamentals of TA and demonstrated it (by publishing your works where I can have a look).
I don't just want anyone but people who have the same mindset and are willing to do the work as a team.
For now, its just the planning I would like to do.

Now for LEND. BTC

As a student in the art of TA more precisely price action and chart structure, I am very interested to building my knowledge base.
What really is frustrating is time and what can be achieve while this anticipated macro bull run is in the making.

Here is a new subject i'm trying to get good at and its identifying Parabolic (curve) structures.

LEND. BTC definitely falls into this as demonstrated on the chart.
So lets begin in point form >
> LEND has demonstrated 4 bases
> It has an increasing support trend-line, which the angle increases after each base completion
> Respecting the 21/34 EMA along the daily
> Climax ending\extention after base 4
> Pullback complete to 0.5 fib level
> ****** The KEY thing here, its done a double top *********
> The double top is what I'm playing my bets on, and that fractal is from BTC 2017 bull run, a similar structure even prior to 2017.
I'll put a sample here.

This is going to be a difficult thing to explain and even to implement, but if you do it right, you compound your earnings .

Scenario lay-ed out:
> We noted that when BTC rises quickly, the ALTS and their pairing fall back\behind of that impulse wave.
> We have noted, when BTC hits its resistance in an uptrend, the ALT pairing bounce quickly behind.
> However if BTC makes a break, like this likely position of 12 K, you can be sure that the ALT pairings will drop significantly.
> We have noted that the BTC dominance level is approaching the 0.618 retracement based on my chart reference (refer to previous BTC dominance post, link below)
So you can expect the ALTs will take a hit, but after that, the ALTS will rise especially those DeFi and ETH the most.

With that scenario in mind, where we enter LEND is critical, otherwise you can take a hit because of the above points, so you must be quick to react.
The safer play is have only BTC and ETH until we hit $12500 or $13800 for bitcoin OR $465 to $508 for ETH
Otherwise roll the dice with me and buy up LEND, KAVA, SOL, LINK who have demonstrated parabolic structure.
Some are about to finish and start a pullback while others are looking to start the 2nd leg.


The BTC fractal associated with this chart and potential direction

The next project > SOL. BTC

from Trading Ideas
via gqrds

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