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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

$ORN - Bullish - Get in on the DIP (DYOR)

$ORN - Bullish - Get in on the DIP (DYOR)

Haven't posted TA in FOREVER mostly because the markets were not healthy yet but also I'm trying to avoid futures coins since they seem to be manipulated so much by smart money to profit up or down so there is cross interest for whales or exchanges to tank positions or sentiment on a whim to reverse and liquidate the positions and allow whales to accumulate more and more and more... very hard to trust that type of markets so back to spot trading and DEFI for now. :)

$ORN here doesn't have a lot of data but it's sitting at a lower high above the first initial pump and looks to be accumulating off the support trend line before it heads up again. To where? Not sure... but if you're swing trading look at this chart in the next 24-48 hours and see what it does and you'll likely see some sort of gains.

Will be doing lots of TA with more and less indicators. Here is not a lot to go off of so I am not going crazy with TA indicators. It looks fairly obvious that more likely than not this is a good accumulation zone before another mini pump. If worried then DCA in. To me this is a long term project with some decent potential but that's just my own sentiment.

Anyhow, just my two satoshis...


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