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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Ron K - Planning, Reading and Executing In Mastermind Class

It's not easy to study stocks alone and then quietly do a selection of 20 stocks and then narrow down to 10 then 5 and finally 2. There are too many good stocks in the US market and every stock seemed to be having great fireworks where my job and role is to select 1-2 stocks and share it with the people in my Mastermind class. I worked alone usually in a cafe where I have a cup of coffee and gain inspiration while then watching the market and then deciding finally which stocks to trade when the market is opened. Last evening was a great session, I mean I could do better but still the stocks I select I believe should be doing ok and so far so good for the people who followed and made $$ as per the link below.

It's my last session and I am moving on to do something else now as I want to train more traders now and get more people under my tutelage and trade with me. Thank you all for coming for the Mastermind class for the last 2 days and I hope you call gained some powerful insights on my scanning and analyzing work.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist


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