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Saturday, August 22, 2020

These Are Final Steps To XRP´s Next Destinations!

These Are Final Steps To XRP´s Next Destinations!

Hello Traders Investors And Community, welcome to this update-analysis about XRPUSD weekly timeframe perspective, events which occurred the last weeks, the current structure together with the important indications I detected, what XRPUSD can manage to show up with the next times, what it should do not and how to handle the upcoming market situations in the right and appropriate manner. Fundamentally speaking XRPUSD is a solid coin which has been around there way before the crypto bull market in 2017 and has held in the top three coins till these days, this kind of journey can indicate further potential in the upcoming times, nevertheless, there are still some hurdles which XRPUSD has to take out to fully confirm this but when it does there can spring some good potentials into the surface, in this case, I detected the importance in the current structure and what we should consider next times.

Established Structure:
As you can watch in my chart XRPUSD has taken out this huge falling resistance which is the falling black trendline and has closed above it, furthermore, this confirmed also the symmetrical triangle which I mentioned in previous analysis was an important step into acquiring continued bullish movement for XRPUSD here. Also, the close above the 60-EMA in black here was a significant step in the structure, taking all these factors together XRPUSD has some good potential to move higher after a pull-back has been formed which can result to test the falling black resistance and the 60-EMA when these levels hold and XRPUSD manages to bounce there it can solidly move higher next times. What is important here is that XRPUSD does not fall below these support levels again because this will cause entry into the confirmed bear-market zone again.

Currently, there is finally one step outstanding, which is the final TCS-signal confirmation, this is the thunder-cloud-suite you can watch in my chart which confirmed XRPUSD bear and bull-markets in the past as you can watch it when the price closed below or above the previous thunder-cloud-suite this confirmed the reversal into the upcoming bear or bull-market, this was a similar mechanism to those we can watch today as there are huge similarities in the first fractal and tcs-structure marked in orange to the one today. Therefore, when the thunder-cloud-suite closes weekly green this will confirm the next movements and can result in an initial pump similar to this seen in 2017 before moving higher when XRPUSD shows up with it, the overall TCS-pump-target-zone marked in blue within my chart will be reached with a highly possible likelihood.

XRPUSD has moved for a long time in this protracted confirmed bear-market-channel, after such movements, a sudden volatile breakout will happen which can be seen now as the first initiations of this breakout, we will see how this will develop over the course of next times. Compared to other currencies like bitcoin or ethereum XRPUSD can provide a strong bias that is ambivalent to the other market as it has shown high volatile growth after such long-lasting sideways and bottom-forming periods like it was seen in the bull-market 2017. When XRPUSD manages to fully confirm the next steps here this can result in great expansions but for now, it is important to hold the established ranges and to not fall back below them again to finally confirm the thunder-cloud-suite signal bullish on the weekly close which is the crucial factor in XRPUSD current market state.

In this manner, thank you for watching, support for more market insight, all the best!
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Information provided is only educational and should not be used to take action in the market.

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