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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Ultimate BTC EW SCAM analysis

Ultimate BTC EW SCAM analysis

Bitcoin / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:BTCUSD

Check the whole chart!
The ponzi will rise, make it great again as Trump said. Not, im really serious about it. My last ideas were wrong
but i think this is the good one. Strange times are happening, next month i will be unemployed and probably homeless haha
so i cant fail, if that happens ill be back on my musician quest , living in an antispeculative squat with punks and crusties seeking the truth and philosophy of life, but hey, at least i will be happy
unlike no fap incel bagholders, feeling homesick already.
To be honest, i dont like crypto at all, its full of scammers, criminals and parasites, specially bagholders which are
the worst of the worse walking scum on earth, also high manipulation, low liquidity, can name more but left an etc; cant deny good fundamentals tho plus
the US collapse, still skeptical until price crushes 17k with high volume , on that scenario could mean people are really hedging with
crypto, otherwhise i expect a last abc correction before mooning to ATH and beyond to complete wave 5 (maybe on 30k-50k range) and then the painful
and slow death of btc , not bad at all. Could mean a real utility as an anarchist currency, the REAL satoshi's vision you know.
Dont take too serious the Elliott notation, its all wrong. Im not an EW specialist, so any feedback will be gladly welcome :) at least i follow the key EW rules unlike the 99% of charts posted on TV
if price goes beyond 15k, feel safe to buy and follow the moonboi euphoria, but if the abc correction happens you can even long
at 7500-6000 range there is a very very strong support at fib 0.38-0.23 plus two key trendlines . BUT if price falls below 5000, be ready boy, because its going
to be christmas for bears. The truth is: doesnt really matter if youre a bull or a bear, we are going to REKT. ALL OF US!!!

from Trading Ideas
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