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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

BTT chance to rise up..more than 400% profitablity

BTT chance to rise up..more than 400% profitablity


BitTorrent, a file sharing platform, has been around since 2001. This platform has been used for many years as a fast and easy way to download large files, but it has always been associated with challenges.

One of the main challenges with BitTorrent was the lack of motivation for users to share their files.

Justin Sun, CEO of Tron, a well-known company in the field of crypto, has cleverly chosen this project to create an incentive mechanism within the platform by creating a token based on the Tron blockchain. The initial release of the BitTorrent token on the Bainance launch pad was successfully completed in 15 minutes, and a week later, it surprised buyers with a 630% profit.

Although BitTorrent has been a popular platform for many years and has many users and enthusiasts, it remains to be seen whether the creation of a token, a token-based tron that be criticized before, can be successful next.

✅Future uses of BTT tokens

The project intends to expand the applications of this platform and go beyond its current focus, which is only on bandwidth sharing.

Applications that Justin Sun and his team plan to add at the same time as implementing the token on the BitTorrent platform include:

Sharing storage memory, computing resources, and accessing resources, such as developing a content access network

1️⃣ Buy downloadable media

Users can purchase downloadable files directly from their creators.

2️⃣Give away live broadcasts

This feature allows users to donate tokens to performers in a live performance using BitTorrent tokens.

3️⃣Raise capital for creative work

Provide smart contracts that allow different investors to invest in the work of creative people through the BTT token.

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