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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

CHZ/BTC Working. Channel 63%. Reversal zones. Past idea + 160%

CHZ/BTC Working. Channel 63%. Reversal zones. Past idea + 160%

Chiliz / Bitcoin BINANCE:CHZBTC

Working on the CHZ / BTC trading instrument. Local work. Trading channel with a step of 63%. The price reversal zones in the horizontal channel showed.
I will not describe where to enter / exit, where to place Stop-Loss or exit the market if the price goes against you, since everything is clear and understandable according to the schedule and scheme of work. Who does not understand - do not trade, but educate yourself.

The previous idea for this instrument gave + 160% profit in a short time. All 3 targets were taken. The entrance was at the lowest prices. Naturally, the Binance exchange.

I was not interested in the legend of the project, I am not interested, it seems that all adequate legends and fantasies have already ended. I advise you to trade, take movements and not be interested in the creators' tales. After all, the reality is the same - all crypto-garbage was created exclusively for speculation and the withdrawal of real money from believing sectarians.

Past trading idea.
Falling wedge CHZ / BTC . Headlands for work.

CHZ / BTC Falling Wedge. Pivot zones for work.

Result. 1 target. Start of movement + 40%. Exactly at the indicated price level.


Result. 3 target. +160%


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