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Friday, September 25, 2020

Eos is the time soon?

Eos is the time soon?


Eos, eos, eos, its really time to do something in the field of price. You can see that actually only TRX and EOS are really being used, somehow these coins did not perform,. The main reason is probably whale manipulation, there is not something wrong with TRX or EOS.

Further you see dead coins that have 0 projects on it, pump like crazy lol. There is actually a whole list of these coins.

At the end of the day the ultimate defi coins are eos and trx . And ETH is also being used, but that is more indirectly the programs do not actually run on ETH it self, they just get verified by eth, I guess that is one bridge to far for people that are not crypto nerds.

I keep loading up EOS at these prices, because I believe when EOS breaks this insane bear trend, it wont be surprised if i wake up at 20 + dollar EOS price.

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