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Friday, September 11, 2020

Introducing NWC / USDT - All You Need To Know.

Introducing NWC / USDT - All You Need To Know.

Newscrypto / Tether HITBTC:NWCUSDT

In this idea I will walk you through the very interesting coin NWC /USDT. Many people are looking for lower marketcap coins that still have that MOON potential that everyone is looking for. This week I will take a deep-dive into NWC and tell you my thoughts about it.

Let's start with a fundamental point of view.
Newscrypto released one of the most sophisticated DeFi tools on the market. Investors and traders will be able to access ready to use information for high-performance trading. If you're interested, check out their twitter page for more details and see for yourself. In my opinion there is no better and more powerful tool for a crypto investor than that. And that should definitely add to the hype of the recent months on NWC .

Also, the most important thing that moves the price on newer coins are announcements. It's important you keep an eye out on any information you can find around announcements. After some research I found that there is a rumour that they are adding NWC to the Ledger wallet in the upcoming days. This could make this moment a very interesting buy opportunity.

Now let's move on to a technical point of view.
There are two very interesting things happening here. First of all we see a very fascinating pattern that is most prevalent with lower marketcap coins: a sell wall.

On the left side of the chart I display the wall in the yellow box and explain how to trade it.

On the right side we can see the current outstanding opportunity on NWC . The price is clearly trending upwards and is very bullish recently.

Furthermore, we see that the price still has a long way to go before it is even back at the ATH from the 3rd of September. This creates a relatively safe buy opportunity with at least a 30% increase before we're back at the all time high.

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