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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

IOST BULL long RUN INCOMING ....More than 2000% Growth potenti!?

IOST BULL long RUN INCOMING ....More than 2000% Growth potenti!?

Although IOST is not as well known as ETH, it has taken very important steps towards the development of crypto and blockchain technology in 2018 and 2019. In fact, in mid-April 2019, the project reported that it was processing more transactions than ETH Blockchain.
IOS is an ambitious project that can prove to be a better solution than ETH, EOS or Neo.

Of course, this project competes with many other Blockchain that have been created for organizational acceptance. Technology startups are working to fix the shortcomings of the crypto space, and the survival of IOST depends on this key factor.

IOS uses sharding and a credible proof-of-consensus mechanism to enhance the scalability and security of Blockchain 2.0 smart contract networks.
IOS is built for enterprise use and can process heavy data generated by technology companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google .
Partnerships are critical to the success of iOS because its core network seems to be living up to its promise.
IOS has big ambitions, although only less than half of its tokens are in circulation. 40% of it is available from the time of sale, 10% is allocated to its team, 2.5% to consultants and 47.5% to the foundation and community building. So we have to wait for the product of the work to know if this is a plan, a dream or the next success story of blockchain.

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