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Friday, September 25, 2020

New Measurement for DOT Progress After Trend Ended

New Measurement for DOT Progress After Trend Ended


Hot off the press! I'm back! I took a week vacation for breaking the "house rules". Apparently, the TradingView team gets very persnickety about links. Don't worry TV Po-Po, I don't have any links here so you can just enjoy reading my post along with everyone else. But I'm glad to have you reading all of my updates now!

Polkadot broke the ascending green base line on September 19th. That measurement is no longer active. We have a new temporary paradigm. Now we are going to put our attention on the red horizontal base lines that represent prior support/resistance . I look for action to take place between the two inner-lines. If we break the lower of those two, there could be a much bigger correction coming down to the bottom line. Notice the cluster of volume on that volume profile below. If we drop far enough into the "slip zone", we're gonna take a zip line straight down to that price.

This all depends on how hard BTC corrects in the coming days and weeks. Polkadot has the ability to hold the current base. But not if the stock market takes a deep dive into the abyss, and if the crypto sector decides to follow like a lemming and dive straight over the cliff along with the DJI.

This ain't no financial advice. Just look at these posts and laugh. Because it's entertainment.

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