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Sunday, September 6, 2020

SEPTEMBER'20: 1-2 Wave correction is complete, here's JOHNY!

SEPTEMBER'20: 1-2 Wave correction is complete, here's JOHNY!


Apologies for a late post, our family is going through challenging times, my grandma was hospitalized in late August and its terminal. 2020 does suck and it is not even over.
Alright then, back to CRYPTO: We have to look at our AUGUST to see what is happening.


AUGUST' 20: Technical TOP, HODL, FIAT vs CRYPTO, Video included.
Fist, notice how august was diagnosed as a rising wedge with A-E pattern and followed by potential breakout. This did not occur, instead - a drop - which began on Sep 2, which i was expecting as possibility in a late September based of the fractal dates.

My timing was off, this is because we actually had a trend reversal on Sep 2nd which hit every coin on the market. Aug 31st fractal was off, that means we are 3 days behind on fractals in our analysis, this means August TA was slightly off in accuracy.

Next, the importance of the current bullish trend cannot be emphasized enough , as it absolutely critical that we hold here. If we do, this confirms a few things; first - formation of a channel, second - a potential 1-2 wave after retesting a previous resistance trend line after a major bear breakout!

Lets not kid ourselves here, July and August was a breakout from a 2 year bear.
Does this drop hurt yes, but 1-2 waves are usually are the worst, as they have this tendency to retest previous breakouts and the drops can be deep and unforgiving.

However, they are NOT the start of the bear market, they mark as the end of it.

How i coped with the drop .

First, i have noticed during late August some of the coins that i traded had difficulty generating volumes and price action to support entries. Fewer coins had gains across the market. BTC was struggling again with 12k and my gains began to evaporate even though i held most excellent entries. Once the trend lines were broken, it was time to swallow the hard truth and begin removing assets into usdt.

My losses were mostly from late August gains, as i rotate coins frequently enough after they rally with good % gains. Which started to waver in the late August, some of positions that were long term lost all gains from 2020, but i am okie with this as i am a HODLer on some assets.

Additionally, i have also concentrated my assets into fewer coins for easier management not more than 3. This gives me more confidence in what i am holding and gives me the necessary flexibility without having to worrying about some of those shit performance assets.

However, now and moving forward from today, i will look to snatch these excellent entries that this panic sell have created.

What to look for now?

Basically now is the time to watch this trend line holding. I am confident that this is going to hold. cause if does't i will do more of the same - concentrate and cut loss. Come back in again to get more awesomeness :) Unfortunately, the time is today/tomorrow. The market is not going to tell when u should you buy or sell, you have got to make up your own mind.

My mind is made up, look for great opportunity, diversify portion of your assets, don't hesitate, believe in your judgement. Trust the tech, team and the future.

Remember folks, the big bad bear is over. We are continuing with the bull market.

Trend-line will hold!

However, you have got to admit, a lot of the new traders of fomo traders that bought at the top, must have felt something like this from this video.

This is a Bear scarring the fuck out of Bulls: Can someone make a meme out of this - lol

SEP: 13,15,17 OCT: 4, 8, 21,28 NOV: 16, 27 DEC:2
Something definitely brewing in the the MID September. Something to keep an eye on.

Are you ready for a $196-250 Dash? All u need is patience.
IMPORTANCE of trend line is ABSOLUTE in crypto market.

See how super bullish i am on DASH, except as soon trend broken, i am not sticking around to find out what happens next!

No matter how good i am at my predictions, no matter how good other traders are telling you to buy or sell. The only god giving truth is in the trend line . Follow the trend or be a bag holder, simple as this.

Always know where u trade, and determine your own level of risk relative to your portfolio!

NO VIDEO: Sorry just strapped for time as of late .

BLUE = Bear/Resistance || Yellow = Bull/ Support
Lines: Fractal dates are moments of interest, where price and time collide to create oscillation.
the chart for possible scenarios of price actions - use zoom and scroll for better view.~

/*This information is not a recommendation to buy or sell. It is to be used for educational purposes only.*/

Feel free to request: your coin to be analyzed! Please keep those Stop losses in place or mind!

Thank you,

from Trading Ideas
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