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Saturday, September 5, 2020

The future of Ethereum: The 2nd crypto and king of Dapps

The future of Ethereum: The 2nd crypto and king of Dapps


In this analysis for you, I will go for you to bring this analysis to discuss what is Ethereum .

Ethereum is the 2nd cryptocurrency after of Bitcoin , Ethereum started on 2015 with Vitalik Buterin, He's the Ethereum's Co-Founder and the mission of Ethereum is to become one of the best crypto-solution for our life and leadership of Blockchain. Ethereum is an interesting proyect like Bitcoin to take in our radar, because as Ethereum is go to grow up throught the time, it's a good idea to invest in Ethereum and I like this proyect about their creation of other tokens, blockchain and the one of the blockchain solution to created a decentralized application calles Dapps. Also, in the past year, I havened a proyect to created with Ethereum called Cryptocraft World Revolution, that proyect is based for digital economy to make an easiy user interface with the plattform as created cities decentralized, an economy impery based as our world but using a kind of Blockchain that I wanna to created it.

I admire a lot of Ethereum , also I compared this proyect as Cardano, because my own exit strategy for me is accumulate more and more Cardano, but any of Ethereum is another radar to take noticed on this crypto when is explode to reach level never see. That maket cycle is so repeat when Bitcoin was in the $320 USD on 2016.

Well guys, that is my analysis on how I see a Ethereum for longest term!!!

If you like it to reach the $17,000 USD as target for Ethereum . You can to get a like of this idea!!!

Also, I share you in weekly the Elliot Waves Analysis. Look below:


Also guys, on the next week, I will going to re-started to making a investment for long-term on cryptocurrencies. And I will started for the news as the community to bring about all of Bitcoin to explain what is Bitcoin , and all about of this money decentralized. And then, analyzed my altcoins that I want to know and making a study's autodidactic.

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