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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

EOS (Oct-Nov 2020)

EOS (Oct-Nov 2020)


EOS/ BTC October to November 2020

Low: 0.0001767 BTC /EOS
High: 0.0002624 BTC /EOS

Hey, I'm back in with a little EOS forecast for the next month.
I see that the market has done quite a bit of damage in the past months with EOS.

In my opinion, the next week to the 15th of October I suspect we will stay in range from 0.0002424-0.0002594 EOS/ BTC .
I feel like a bunch of major markets in both crypto and stocks/securities are about to see a good run off, coincidentally right around the US election? Who knows... ;)
Whatever happens, I believe after November we start a sideways route for a little bit until more market movement to come after maybe February 2021?

Around November, possibly the week of the election/pending results November 3rd, EOS could potentially go as low as 0.0001767-0.0001919 EOS/ BTC . If not, 0.0001919 might be the floor for the moves to come in the following months.

Thanks for tuning in :) Disclaimer, I am not responsible for any losses incurred while attempting to use my data, I hope this can prove to be some sort of learning tool for some and give insight as to how I personally come up with my own numbers. Take into full consideration this could be a completely bad forecast. Cheers

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