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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Former currency comptroller to become CEO of Binance.US crypto exchange News     •     April 20, 2021, 11:57 am
Former top U.S. banking regulator Brian Brooks is joining the U.S. affiliate of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange as its new CEO.
γƒ–γƒ­γƒƒγ‚―γƒγ‚§γƒΌγƒ³γ‚’ζ΄»η”¨γ—γŸγ‚¨γ‚³γ‚·γ‚Ήγƒ†γƒ γ‚’ζ§‹η―‰γ™γ‚‹γ‚¨γƒ³γ‚Έγƒ³(Enjin)が、取引手数料(ガス代)焑料でNFTγ‚’η™Ίθ‘Œγ—、ε€§ι‡γ«ι…εΈƒγ§γγ‚‹ι«˜ι€Ÿγƒ–γƒ­γƒƒγ‚―γƒγ‚§γƒΌγƒ³γ‚’ι–‹η™Ίγ— ... The post “ガス代”焑料でNFTγ‚’η™Ίθ‘Œ、γ‚¨γƒ³γ‚Έγƒ³γŒι«˜ι€Ÿ「JumpNet」を開始 first appeared on coindesk JAPAN | コむンデスク・ジャパン.
Decrypt     •     April 20, 2021, 11:58 am
French video game publisher Ubisoft has joined the Tezos ecosystem as a corporate validator, blockchain development firm Nomadic Labs announced today. “Ubisoft is exploring Tezos technology by…
Crypto Daily™     •     April 18, 2021, 10:13 am
The 2nd Global Blockchain Computing Power Conference took place on April 17th in Chengdu, Central Sichuan. It focused on the impact of carbon neutrality on digital currency mining. The conference…
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