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Sunday, March 12, 2023

Below 10ks or 40ks?

Below 10ks or 40ks?

Bitcoin / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:BTCUSD

Greetings to everyone! :)

Hope you are well and safe :)

In our previous chart, we discuss whether Bitcoin can turn bullish .

When bull run will start in my opinion. The 4 signals!

Today we will answer a second important question.

So...Below 10ks or 40ks?

Well, the answer in my opinion is in the 18ks area.
Meaning that, based on our previous technical analysis , we are remaining with the same opinion. That Bitcoin
must visit 18ks before to know the answer to the above question.

Your Technical Analysis points, must confirm each other!

Now...what is going to happen in 18ks area.

For me, this area is the Key to long-term Trend.
What does this mean?
If bitcoin manages to find support at 18ks, then we will see another bullish momentum, much stronger than the
last one. Target between 37,500 to 40ks

In the opposite case, if bitcoin loses the area of 18ks, we are in very big trouble.
My personal view from the start of this bear market was that we will see the price around 9,280 for the bottom.

I am open to a discussions and exchanging of opinion with everyone, as I am here, first to make friends, and secondly
to support each other in this marathon . Because trading and investment is a marathon .

I hope we can have a good communication, a good understanding in a friendly and polite way :)

Feel free to post your opinion, even if you agree with me or not. I am in understanding that everyone has his own
opinion and I teach to respect it! :)

Your comments and a possible like in our TA, will be always appreciated.

I am waiting from you to discuss anything connected with cryptocurrencies and crypto industry. :)

Have everyone a nice day ahead and a wonderful weekend.

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