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Friday, April 21, 2023

BTC upcoming targets for 2023. 36-37K?

BTC upcoming targets for 2023. 36-37K?

Bitcoin / U.S. dollar BITSTAMP:BTCUSD

Hi dear community members and my loyal followers.
Let me update my BTC ideas for coming weeks and months.
As you see I'm looking at weekly timeframe. After breaking out weekly falling wedge/main diagonal trendline/ BTC reached 25K, then dumped to 19.5K as I posted in my early analyses and bounced back to the same level but this time it succeeded breaking out main horizontal resistance at 25-25.3K zone taking out BSL liquidity above it and reached the main and one of the strongest resistance 28.6-30.5K zone.
At the moment we see that BTC rejected at 30.5K zone and droped to 28K.
What is my expectations. If BTC loses 27.7-28K zone it will dump to 25-25.3K zone, sweep liquidity below 26.6-26.7K zone and at the same time it will test main horizontal support which is 5D GC upper band. /All charts attached below this analysis.
But my highly probable scenario is- BTC will pump from 27.7-28K region to 31.5K filling FVG zone and taking out liquidity above 30K/equal highs/, reaching upper band of weekly GC which is 31.5K after that maybe BTC will dump to middle band of weekly GC or upper band of 5D GC liquidating late longs. It also will give room for alts to explode. I'm sure BTC will hold 25-25.3K.

I expect BTC to hold 27.7-28K zone coz Market makers bought and are buying huge amount of BTC at that zone. As soon as BTC reached 31.5K I will update it will pump straight to 36-37K or it will dump to 25-25.3K zone, or it will move sideways letting altcoins to burst./ Based on Total 2 and Total 3 mini Altseason 2023 is going to start in coming days and weeks.

In worst case BTC can dump to 25-25.3K zone before reaching 36-37K FVG zone my first target in coming weeks. People who expect lower prices like 18.5-19K even lower 8-12K, they will be destroyed.
My minimum target for 2023 is 36-37K then 48K+/52-53K/ and my main target for 2023 is 72-74K.

Via TradingView Ideas

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